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On Thursday, September 3rd around 11:30am I didn’t seem to be right at work.  I was getting sick and my back was hurting so stinkin bad, I felt like someone was breaking it in half.  I fought through the back pain and getting sick twice at work and didn’t think it was anything serious.   At 6pm we left work and at this point I was having some really strong stomach pains.  Justin had practice at the church and I was going to hang out with Catie and Miles at her house.   I called Diane (midwife) on my way over there to update her..I was in tears at this point because of the pain from front to back and didn’t know how describe the type of pain I was feeling because I have never done this whole “pregnancy” thing before.   She told me when I got to Cates house I was to drink water and take a warm bath and soak, after that I was to lie down and see where the pain was centrally located on my stomach.  After that I was to call her back and update her on how I was feeling.  Well, all the pain was centrally located EVERYWHERE, there was no real destination point.  The warm bath didn’t relieve any pain in my back either.  ugh.  The pain was so painful and debilitating I threw up 3 times within an hour an half because of it.  If I didn’t have Catie right there I really don’t know what I would have done without her. I love you so much Cates.   I called Diane back after I had done all she told me to do and she told me to head over to the hospital. 

Justin and I headed over to Heart of Florida.  NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN, most horrible hospital I have ever stepped foot in.  When I came in I was doubling over in pain and didn’t know if I was in preterm labor or what was going on.  We were both really scared because no one had answers.  We finally get into a room and this horrible nurse says, “well we can do nothing for you here as you don’t have an OB at the hospital here.  All I can do for you is tell you to take some Tylenol PM, get some rest and go see your OB in the morning.” I completely fell apart, I cannot believe I was treated this way in a hospital with the type of pain I was in. Ignorant people.  After my lovely visit to the hospital we went home, Justin rubbed my back more and I finally fell to sleep.  After throwing up so many times and not able to keep anything down its not shocking that I fell asleep, my blood sugar was so low and I was so weak.  

Friday morning we got up and headed straight over to Diane’s practice.  She checked babyk’s heartbeat and it was 170, a little high.  She started to feel around my stomach, she could hardly touch it, it was so sensitive.  She said it could be a few things, kidneys, Gal bladder, or uterine infection. When she said uterine infection, I broke down in tears.  She told us to go straight to the hospital and to see the doctor that handles her patients, Dr Dennis Edwards.  He said he would be at Florida Hospital South.  When we arrived, I could hardly walk 1 step.  No one was there to help me with a wheel chair and we didn’t know where the labor and delivery floors were.  We were both so scared…thankfully when we found the directory we got into the elevator and in there was our first angel.  There was a  gentleman that worked at the hospital saw that I was almost on the floor in pain and wanted to help us get to where we were going.  He took us around the backside of the hospital to get us to labor and delivery quicker.  We didn’t know what was in store for us, I was still crying in pain and was so scared of what was going to happen to us.  When we finally arrived the man that helped us disappeared..we then checked in they ended up putting me in an over flow room with an exam chair. AN EXAM CHAIR PEOPLE! A chair that had paper on it, not sheets not a foot rest, it was total agony.   There they took my blood and my vitals.  I was stuck in pain in the exam chair for 2 hours.  They lost my blood work they had just taken..I was over it, breaking down over the pain and frustration, Justin was getting furious.. It was just not good.  My Mom, Dad and Nanny and Papa arrived.  They prayed over me and then they all demanded me get into a room.  Since it was labor Day weekend, the hospital was packed!  So they wheeled me into their triage room.  The room was out of control and packed.  Not something that anyone would want but it was better than the exam chair.  The pain was getting worse and worse and everyone was wondering where this Dr Edwards was.  Well, the man never showed up after 12 hours of no food, water, or a pain killer.  Everyone was livid and we felt helpless.  No one was helping us and everyone was furious at their ignorance.  Finally, Gwen, our no feelings, drill sargent nurse came in and said we had an option of going with the Loch Haven practice and would be seen in the next 10 minutes by a doctor.  WE HAVE AN OPTION?!! Seriously? Why the crap did she tell us this after 12 hours of torture?! ugh.  It was a nightmare.  So, when we decided to go with loch haven, Gwen called Doctor Edwards and told him what we were doing and that we decided that we couldn’t wait any longer.  She came back and told us that Dr Edwards told her, “I don’t care, good”.  She said we had made a good decision. Can you believe that? Some Doctors have some nerve treating patients like a number and not worrying what kind of condition they are in.   

After about 20 minutes of more pain and still not having answers of what may be happening to me and the baby we finally see a doctor. His name was Dr Boone and he was great and got the ball rolling rather quickly.  With my husband by my side the whole time, his strength gave me strength.  In the midst of some BIG decisions we had to make, my husband, who has somewhat high blood pressure, welled up in tears and started shivering in fear.  I have never seen him like this.  My husband is so strong and balanced but when it comes to his wife and baby its a whole other story.   We were finally told it was my appendix and I was already into the 24-48 hour period of it rupturing.   I was 36 hours in.    The surgeon, Dr. Rousseau told us we needed to get me into the OR immediately.   While in Pre Op at about 12:30am, I had angels (family and friends) lined up that came in to pray for me during my surgery, I don’t know what I would have done without them there to be there for Justin and my family.   As I was rolling out into the OR I gave a “Vanna White” wave and told everyone not to worry. But what they did or didn’t know is that I was so, so, so scared.  After the surgery was over, I heard “Lindsey, your waking up now” ,  all I really wanted to know is if my baby was alive.  At the beginning of the surgery they said they couldn’t monitor the baby during surgery, so when I woke up this is all I could think about.  At this point,  I could only hear, I couldn’t move, speak, feel, or see.  The next thing I heard was, “we need to see if we can get a heart beat”, I could feel my own heart beating out of chest at this point.  I felt helpless lying there with only the ability to hear because the sedation hadn’t quite worn off.   The next thing I heard was “I can’t find the heartbeat…..with this pin dopplar”..As tears start rolling down my temples..she says, “give me the disc dopplar, let’s try that”..this was a bigger heart dopplar and most times finds the heartbeat.  What seemed like an hour of trying find our baby’s heartbeat, she finally found the little warrior with a heart rate of 150 and normal.  Lying there stuck in myself and helpless, God gave me the ability to move my mouth and finally speak, I said with utmost sincerity and softest of whisper, “Thank you Jesus..”.     Dr. Rousseau told Justin and my family that if we hadn’t changed doctors when we did the appendix would have ruptured, my life would have then been at risk and babyk would not be here.  God really does have His own timing doesn’t He?  Even if its at the last minute.  After all has been said and done, in the end we were in the arms and hands of Christ the whole time.  He had a plan the entire time.  When people you know or if your going through something that’s scary we always seem to reach out to Him more, don’t we?  God has reasons for everything He puts us through, we may not know why but what we do know is that He is always there to catch us, pick us back up and places us on solid ground again.  

At 3am, as I was being wheeled into my recovery room I was very groggy but coherent..The 15 angels that I saw as I was being wheeled into surgery were still there 3 hours later and came in one by one, said sweet words and kissed my forehead.  The love and support we felt was overwhelming.   The next three days in the hospital were painful and tiring but with everyone that came to love on us was healing and we are so grateful to them and so blessed to know such amazing people.  Thank you to our family and amazing friends for your prayers and support through this time.   Justin, BabyK and I are forever grateful.

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