I need to catch up with this thing.  Sorry its been a while, its been crazy here. I’m now 26 weeks (6 1/2 months) and the pregnancy is flying!!

Here are some pictures we took about a week ago.


Preggo side effects that have started around 6 months: 

  1.  Indigestion has settled in for the season and I’m now finding myself eating TUMS like candy.  Why is that all the foods I love give me more indigestion, spicy for example..ugh.   Every Mommy I speak to says its completely normal and that TUMS will become your bff.  I’m really loving the fact that I can have these during pregnancy because without em I wouldn’t be in good shape.  
  2. My left foot is swelling, not my right, just my left..Crazy foot. 
  3. My belly button is getting shallow.
  4. Shaving my legs in the shower is getting a little more complicated.
  5. My sciatic nerve has been giving me fits,  it comes and goes but when it comes its sooooo stinkinbrutally painful.  We’ve tried everything, Justin rubbing it, hot and cold compresses, and sleeping on the opposite side.   If you know of a remedy please share it with me!
  6. When I’m ready for bed, I’m ready for bed!  Im so tired after work and all I dream of all day is sleeping. 

Update on life:

My 3 incisions from the appendectomy are healing nicely accept for one.  I have to go in tomorrow and get them to remove a stitch that isn’t dissolving properly.  Since they sowed me up underneath the skin I hope they don’t have to cut me open again..praying for the best.  So sick of medical issues I could scream. I just want to enjoy this time!!! I only have 99 days left!

My amazing cousin, Tiffany Hilliard Hunsberger and her wonderful hubby, Bryan, came into town this last week.  We were able to take a short road trip down to South Florida and stayed at a swanky hotel!  It was beautiful there and we had perfect beach and pool weather.  Even though we all got burned, we got to share so many laughs and so many memories with them.  I am so thankful that we were able to this as they are moving to Aussie in the middle of October and don’t know when we would see them again after this trip.  *tear*

My Momma and I leave for NYC October 15th, I am counting down the days! I am so so so stinkin excited! I’ve been there several times but not pregnant!  Can’t wait to visit all the baby boutiques and see Mary Poppins on Broadway, I want to be her!!!  It will be beautiful there in October with the changing leaves in Central Park and the crisp air!  I need to find a light preggo coat to wear as it should be 60 during the day and 50 at night. 

Justin’s birthday is Sunday as well as a few Between the Tree shows.  Should be a fun filled weekend!!

” There are 2 great days in everyones life; the day you were born and the day you figured out why.”

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