Trial run

Last Tuesday night I was having some really bad back pain, side pain, and minor contractions.  I knew something was really wrong when I had to run to the bathroom to get sick.  I hadn’t gotten sick like that since I had my appendix removed.  I called my doctor and she said to come up to Winnie Palmer and she will see what’s going on.  We looked at eachother and said “here we go again…”,  This time though Justin was mentally prepared, he packed a bag, pillows, tooth brushes, sweaters and other stuff because we didn’t know what was going to happen.  Justin flew down I-4,   what is suppose to take us almost an hour to get to, took us only 40 minutes.  The pain was getting worse and the breathing was getting heavier.   I had no idea what was going on with me, once again!  We get to Winnie, went to triage, had some exams, got an ultrasound, and was in a comfy room in under 3 hours! CRAZY how much better this hospital was over Florida Hospital South.  It was like night and day, black and white.   I must say I was in some excruciating pain when I got to triage…I had to stay in constant motion because of the pain, I was either moving my legs or rocking back and forth in my pathetic little wheelchair with tears rolling down my face.   It turns out the pain was from Kidney Stones and they were already on the move! I had heard this was common in pregnancy but I thought I was done with pain until I was in actual labor!  Nope, I believe God wants me to be really really ready for the drug free labor I will endure in the coming weeks.  They kept me in the hospital for a few days to monitor Babyk and to see if I would pass anymore stones.   I believe I passed them Tuesday night and Wednesday.   They say passing the stones is just as bad as labor, especially after an appendectomy AND kidney stones..we will see! :)  

AHHH! 9 MORE WEEKS PEOPLE!!! I can’t wait until he gets here!!!

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