31 weeks and 5 days

Everything is going really well…..KNOCK ON WOOD :)

A few updates:

  • I went to a BabyK appointment on Monday and everything went great!  He is still very comfy in the breech position…Mommy isn’t too please but the doctors seem to think that he has plenty of time to flip and they aren’t worried at all. 
  • I’ve gained 11 pounds so far, the doctor said this was fine and isn’t worried because BabyK is growing at the normal speed and seems to be very healthy especially with all the moving around he’s been doing!
  • No more sausage foot!  Thank you Lord! My left foot had been swelling everyday and its stopped. Crazy foot.
  • I’m working 4 days a week now, I’m off Mondays at my request and it’s helped so much!  My body thanks you Invision!
  • I’m still trying to find a good price on a white dresser/changing table.
  • Wrote my birthplan out yesterday (2 pages long, lol), I will be posting several copies on the walls of my delivery room and recovery room. :)
  • My Sciatic isn’t hurting anymore!

I just can’t wait to hold this little guy, he has been so strong and so fearless.  I fear that I will never let go of him once I finally meet him.  Only 8 more short weeks and we can finally meet eachother. 

I wonder….

if he will have hair?

if he will have Mommy’s distinct laugh?

if he will have Daddy’s smokin’ hot jaw line?

if he will dimples like Mommy?  

What I do know and pray for is that he will have a contagious spirit, play hard and love harder!  Mommy & Daddy can’t wait to meet you!!!

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