Baby Shower!

Saturday was my baby shower and what a shower it was!

Thank you to Catie Loveless and Megan Nettles for making it so amazing and meaningful!!


It was great to see my friends and family there!  The support and love I felt was ridiculous… I feel so blessed to know such amazing woman.

Here are some pictures from the fun day. Click on the photos make them bigger!

My crafty friends, Miss Christina Butler painted the most amazing canvas for Babyk’s room and Miss Teya Early made me some incredible, hand stitched onesies that may have scarred her poor finger tips for life.  Thank you girls for putting your creative juices to work..Babyk will love them both!!

Pregger line up!   Lauren – 14wks, Rachel – 20wks, Mary Hannah – 23wks, Mel – 26wks, Paislee – 29wks, Me – 33wks.  Funniest part of it is they all are having girls accept for me, Babyk is going to have lots of prospects :) ! Lauren hasn’t found out and need more boys for the boy team!! Come on Lauren!



 Catie wrote a beautiful poem especially written for Justin, BabyK and I…You may laugh, you may cry but either way I will still be crying from her sharing it on Saturday. haha.    It will be kept close to my heart forever…Thank you Catie, you have no idea how much this means to me..xoxo

 Oh My, What an Adventure!


“In just a few weeks, BabyK will be on his way!

You will breathe fast and Justin will drive fast.

You will push hard and Justin will pray hard.

And finally, my dear friend, you will meet your son.


Oh my, the adventure begins!


A few days later, you will take your new family home.

You will walk slowly and Justin will drive slowly.

You will rock softly and Justin will talk softly.

And your heart will melt into a puddle on the floor.


Oh my, what an adventure!


By then, it won’t matter what color you painted his room because you will be undone by the color of his eyes.

You will forget about the hospital trips, the appendicitis and the kidney stones

You will be in awe, in love, and over the moon.


What an amazing adventure!


He will cry in the middle of the night and the middle of the day and many, many times in between.

Your mom will say, “He looks like Justin!”

Justin’s mom will insist, “I see Lindsey in that smile!”


And you will think, oh my, what an adventure!


You will teach him how to make the ordinary an experience: a fort in the living room, a safari in the back yard, a shark encounter in the swimming pool, and a bug hunt under ten million stars.


Everything will be an adventure.


He will get scrapped knees and have scary dreams and want to jump from high places.

He will have imaginary boo boos requiring Spiderman band-aids, only Spiderman will do.

He will have his first day of school, his first big test, and his first best friend (my son, Miles, of course)


Oh my, what an adventure!


You should get ready now, because he will also have his first girlfriend, his first kiss, and his first broken heart

He will get his first speeding ticket, and probably his second and third..

And it will feel like he is always speeding off…

to hang with his friends or go to a game or find some fun, somewhere.


And you will wait at home, eager to hear his latest adventure.


Then there will be the time he will choose the path less chosen or be honest when it’s hard

And your heart will swell with the pride of a parent.

You will capture the small moments and

You will teach him to be wise,

Enjoying each chance to nurture the spirit of God within him.


Oh my, what an adventure.


And one day, he will tell you he met a girl

He will ask her to join him on his adventures for the rest of their lives.

They will plan big and they will dream big.

You will save as much money as you possibly can

And at the end of the night, as you dance with your son

You will think, “Oh my, what an adventure!”


Soon you will get the news, they are having a child of their own and they are on their way!

As you drive to the hospital, your heart will race fast and Justin will drive fast.

Your chest will pound hard and Justin will pray hard.


And when you see your son, holding his child

Tears will stream down your face and you will say to him, “Oh my, what an adventure you will have!”

- Catie Loveless

Miles AKA BabyK’s BFF of course.




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