35 Weeks and counting down the days!

Babyk is well on his way!  We had an appointment yesterday and it was all great news!!!   During the entire pregnancy babyk has been breech, I had been so scared and anxious about him being in that position for so long that they did an ultrasound yesterday and we found that he finally went to a happy place!!! HEAD DOWN! woohoo!  Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be happier!  They also took a look at his weight once they did all of his measuring and he is weghing in at 6lbs!!! He is growing like a champ and getting in gear for delivery.  Just one more month and we will finally meet our little warrior. 

Here’s a few kissy face photos from yesterdays appointment.

The first one is looks like he’s puckering up and the second one, he looks like he is bighting his bottom lip.


How’s Mommy doing?

Contractions: I’ve been having BH contractions all day everyday, they have been about 45 min apart lasting about 1 – 2 minutes.  The doctor says its very normal towards the end of your pregnancy.  I see it as practice :) .

Weight Gain: I have gained 18 pounds up to this point, no stretch marks yet! Praying those will stay far far away. 

The Motion of Movement:  Haha, getting up out of bed on a temperpedic is a chore!  If we had a spring mattress it would be a little easier but no bouncing out for me, its more like a roll out…   Getting up from the couch, off the floor, and just bending over is getting more difficult, thank God Justin is there to help!  Not to mention standing up and feeling like he going to fall out of me. 

Justin: My blessing,  in every sense of the word.

Maternity Leave: My last day of work will be on Dec. 22! 

Hospital bags: Packing this week, cancer researchers have found that a higher percentage of post cancer patients have their babies earlier than later.  So, I’m gonna be ready!! 

How’s the Nursery coming along?

I took a few pictures of it the other day, we are still in the works with getting it in order (painting, wall hangings and curtains still need to go up, but you get the idea :)



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