37 weeks

photo3I’m FULL TERM! I just learned that 37-42 wks is full term and anything past that is post term.  BabyK is head down, dropped and in position for delivery!  I’m not dialated yet but hope to be at my next appointment on Wednesday.  I will be eating alot of spicy foods in the coming weeks, among other natural ways to induce this little guy :o)

I start my maternity leave tomorrow!!! Praise God!!  It will be nice to be able to sleep in a little and get my rest before the little one comes.  I’m not getting too much rest at night because my 6 1/2 pounder is kicking, jabbing, and bobbing his head around down south..it doesn’t feel so hot.  I know I will probably miss feeling him in my belly once he’s out..but since we will be having several more I don’t see that being a big issue.

Other than feeling like a balloon and feeling as if I have a bowling ball between my legs, I’m feeling really good!  My BH contractions have gotten more uncomfortable and take my breath away at times.  My energy has slipped a little but not enough to not allow me to throw a dinner party! Oh no, not me! ha, it may have been a little work but it turned out perfect and just what we wanted.  We made a delicious Apricot glazed Turkey with herb Butter and it came out great for our first time cooking one! We may have had a fire that blew out of the oven but everyone came out alive, wasn’t laughing then but laughing now!  Justin and I wanted to share the holidays with our “extended family” and just enjoy eachother before babyk comes.  I may have been contracting the entire time but I just think it means Babyk will be alert and very social! ha, he must love laughter, music and yummy arromas! :)

Here are some pictures from the night!

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