Sawyer’s Birth Story

December 29th

I went to the OB’s office to see if Sawyer was still breech because I wasn’t dilated  and only having braxton hicks contraction.  Since I was a week away from my due date they were curious to see if he was still breech.  I was praying to God that he was head down and ready to go.  No such luck, I went in and Sawyer was in the transverse breech position (Sideways).  The moment my doctor told me this I was filled with anxiety.  The next thing that came out of her mouth was the one thing that I had been fearing my entire pregnancy.  She told me that they needed to schedule me to have Caesarean Section.  Tears started to fall right there in the office, I was so scared.  Let me remind you, I originally was planning on having a homebirth and doing everything natural with no drugs in the comfort of my own home.   None of this was in MY plan. She continued to tell me that she didn’t want me to go into labor or contract as this could result in an emergency situation.  In fear of an emergency situation we scheduled it for January 4th.

As the days grew shorter and shorter leading up to the 4th I was full of fear, anxiety, and sadness.  After a lot of prayer and encouraging conversations with family and friends I was reminded that MY plans are not always in the cards.  God is in control, NOT ME.  I was trying to control every little thing, from the 3 page birth plan to being bitter about even having him in a hospital.  After being reminded of these things, all I REALLY wanted was to have a healthy baby.  It didn’t matter where I had him, what night gown I had on, or if I could have candles or not.  It was a defining moment in my life where God’s plan for my life is better than my own.  Random people would tell me to keep an open mind during my whole pregnancy, I’m glad I listened.

January 4th came quickly as Justin and I drove up to Winnie Palmer..



We were to be there at 11:30am and would be going straight into pre op for the epidural and other fun things. My Momma met us there for support. I had the best anesthesiologist! Her name is Tarrah Bobay! Thanks again Tarrah!

So it was 1:30pm, epideral in and couldn’t feel a thing.  Kind of scary, it felt like I had no legs.  Not a fan of the feeling at all!  They then wheeled me into the OR, I started getting the shakes from the nerves and epideral.

After a ton of pulling, tugging, smells and noises I wish to forget, my baby boy had arrived! They continued pushing and tugging and they told me I had a bifurcated uterus, which means I had heart shaped uterus and possibly one fallopian tube.  Sawyer was never able to go head down because of the shape of my uterus and it was a miracle that I got pregnant after the first try with one fallopian tube!  The Doctor said he couldn’t believe I carried him full term with my uterus.   Sawyer was only able to hang out in the right chamber of the heart shape and couldn’t get over to the other side because of the seem.  CRAZY! Its all a miracle!  Sawyer has a small storks bite on his forehead but will fade with time, other than that he has no other issues.  PRAISE GOD!

If it wasn’t for God intervening in so many areas I don’t know where I would be or my son.  God knew exactly what was to happen which led me down the roads he provided.

Here are a few photos:

DSC_7912Hearing his cry for the first time and my reaction..the sound of this was music to my ears


First Family photo



April – Got pregnant

May – Picked a midwife for delivery in my home (the wonderful Diane Albright)

October – Appendix almost ruptured and had it removed (6 days in hospital)

October – Felt as if I should pray long and hard about delivering at home and felt God telling to deliver in a hospital

November – Kidney stones (4 days in hospital)

April to January – Breech baby

January – Ended in Ceasarean and a Beautiful baby boy!

All of this could have gone completely different if I hadn’t heard God right.  God had all of these things lined up so I would make the right choice. God is good.



Full of unspeakable joy!




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