Sawyer is two months but don’t be confused he may look 6 months :) .    People say babies that are breastfed are really chubby but I wasn’t quite ready for him to to become an adult over night! Ha.  The first 5 days of his life he gained 10 ounces! Oh Boy!


He is quite a remarkable little man, at about a month old he started sleeping 5 – 7 hours each night. I believe in, what I like to call the “BSB” method; Boob, Swaddle, Bedtime (sometimes I do a bath first but not every night). I tend to put him to bed with his eyes wide open so he gets used to going to bed even if he’s not tired.  We will see how long that lasts but so far he falls right to sleep.   SO blessed he’s sleeping through the night!


We are pretty in love with him, he has such a joyful and sweet spirit.  I caught him today looking out the window, he was smiling so big!  I suspect he saw Jesus. :)  His first smiles have been amazing to see, it just melts my heart to pieces.  He hasn’t laughed yet but I’m waiting very patiently impatiently.


He loves to snuggle with us, I will be very sad if and when this stops.


We moved his cradle from our room to his room and was in that for about a month.  Now he is in his big boy crib! Sad that he’s getting older but proud that he is such a big boy!


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