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Let’s take it way back 12 years ago to 1997….. I met his hotness on Circle Christian School grounds.  We were both being home schooled at the time.  He was very good friends with my amazing friend Elizabeth Anderson.   Elizabeth and I both were taking a Spanish class together and both needed some major tutoring..we were not very good at the Espanol to say the least.   Justin occasionally came into our class because he had a class right after us in Spanish V or something crazy…


Well Elizabeth and Justin began to get closer and closer, but I don’t think they ever really labeled it “dating” or “going out”. ha.   I had my eye on some other super cool homeschooler :) haha.  In the meantime, Justin and I were always really good friends and never lost touch with each other through the years.  He would call me or I would call him to see how eachother was doing.  We would always get into discussions about God, music and dance.   Then there were other silly times when I would call him with a really deep voice, acting as if I was one of his buddies.  I really got him a few times! ha.  Don’t ask why I did this..but I thought it was hilarious and he was pretty darn shocked that I could make my voice go so low. lol.  After a year or so my besty, Elizabeth, moved to Tennessee..I miss her so much.

Scan 10Liz-lindsey

Year 1999; After long night talks and ramblings of life that had gone on for a while,  it all kind of came to a hault around this year as we both did other things and started getting serious with other people.  I was going to Africa for a few weeks, switched schools and he was playing with his super cool band Entertaining Stewart and thinking about going  to design school.  Both of our hearts had fallen in love and both of them had been broken within these few years. We both loved and learned and don’t regret a thing.

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Year 2001; This was a big year!  I graduated, got a job at an orthodontist as a records technician (yes, I was the one that made you gag on the molds and took those ugly photos).  I was a leader at the Element Student Ministry at Discovery Church, getting ready to sign up for Makeup School at Joe Blasco Makeup Center.   I can’t remember for the life of me how we started talking again but I’m pretty sure he called me and invited me to one his shows, either at Caffeine or Stone Soup Collective.  Well, when I saw him on stage singing and playing his guitar, he stole my heart.  But, he never knew.  We started hanging out more and more and just loved spending time with him.  His heart was amazing and I must say, he was pretty dang cute with his high socks, chucks and long stick up hair.


DatingpicHalloween concert

New Years Eve Concert 2001: Justin invited me to one his concerts at Westwood on New Years Eve.   This was such a memorable night…I ran the merch table and watched them play with his brothers.  It was such a great show and lots of friends and family came out.   I got to meet his Aunt Michelle that night, which was awesome to be able to meet some more close relatives of his.  Through the years I have grown to love her so so much.  After we counted down to year 2002, Justin and I walked outside to my car, this is the moment we have all been waiting for.   He finally kissed me in public around all of his friends but still kept it private enough to make it that much more special.  He then asked me to be his GIRLFRIEND! Would I?!! OF COURSE! :)   After that we grew as a happy couple, went to many local concerts at The Social and went on trips with family and friends.  He has always been a great friend but now he had become my closest and best friend I had ever had,  one that didn’t waver or push me aside.   He would keep me accountable, encourage me, when I was down in the dumps he would help me through it and encourage me to look to Jesus for strength and best of all he would constantly make me laugh.  I loved his attributes and character, he was a little coleric and a realist but I loved that in him.  We were the perfect balance of character as I am the farthest thing from coleric and I’m a dreamer. :)    The picture below is a photo of the big night! This picture is displayed in our home..we LOVE IT and it means so much to us as it was, indeed, the beginning of “us”.


January, 2004;  After 3 years of being together and learning more and more about him, I completely fell in love. I had always loved him, even back in 1997 but it wasn’t the same thing.   This was a pure and natural “in love” kind of love.    My family decided to go to Vermont for a family vacation, my sisters husband came and Justin came along too!   After doing some skiing and sitting by the fire, we all headed out to Manchester.  Manchester is a small town in Vermont and the boys said they knew of an awesome restaurant they wanted to take us too.  So we all piled up in the rental and drove for about 30 minutes, we finally pulled up to a restaurant called “The Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern”.  I thought it was the coolest name and thought it was a really neat gesture my dad and my brother in law had for their wives.

Vermont SkiingFireplace


After our wonderful dinner, Justin mentioned there being a desert slash bar slash live music on the second floor of the restaurant and that we should check it out.  Everyone was in for it, so we mosied up with our mittens and jackets on because it was about 20 degrees and snowing..we all got some hot cocoa and waited for the band to start.  I looked to my right, as Justin was sitting there moments before, and now no where to be found, he vanished!  I asked my mom to my left where the heck he went, she said probably to the bathroom.  About 10 minutes went by and I was starting to get worried.  Moments later I see Justin gabbin with the guy from the band, 2 minutes later he grabs the guys guitar and jumps on stage..ahh! I thought to myself, “what the heck is he doing?” Next thing I know he is dedicating the song to me and singing a song he wrote of what has been on his heart for the last several years.   I was kind of unemotional at first and still had no idea what he was doing..but then towards the end of the song he starts to sing lyrics like “all you have to say yes”..I then grabbed my mom’s hand and squeezed it with all my might!  I started crying, I finally was figuring out what was happening.  The ditz in me that Justin saw back in 1997 was showing through and through :) .    After he was done with his song the bar let out a cheer and an “aww”… he then walked over to me, looked at me as if I was the only one in the room, got on one knee and proposed!!!  He tried putting the most beautiful ring on my finger but I still had my mittens on…hahaha. I quickly took them off!  After many many tears and video rolling we were able to capture some pretty precious moments!  It was truly the most amazing moment of my life.   In sheer excitement, we set a date that night and decided the big day would be October 23rd, 2004.  Since then it has been the most amazing and exciting 1,769 days of my life. I don’t know what I would do without him in my life.  He keeps me going, encourages me, provides for me, and keeps my head on straight daily.  The problem is he doesn’t know how really GREAT he is.

Here are some pictures from the big night!

Proposal song - He was a little nervous.

Proposal song – he was a little nervous :)

Listen to Changed By You – by Justin Kirkland

My reactionMy reaction

The proposal video

The proposalThe proposal

I said Yes!I said Yes!

Proposal sign

The happiest night to date!

Wedding day post coming up soon…

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