Three Fingered Friday

Sawyer has found that he doesn’t need a binky, he has fingers! He doesn’t suck on just 1 but 3! Happy Friday everyone!

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#1 Daddy

I know most Mommy’s have #1 Daddy’s but I just want to explain why Justin is such an amazing Dad! The first thing that even came out of the man’s mouth when Sawyer was born was “he is so beautiful”, “he is JUST so beautiful” and said it about 4 or 5 times with tears [...]

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4 Months of Joy!

I’ve been pretty bad at updating this thing. My apologies!  We have had such a great few months with our little chunky boy. Things Sawyer can do now: Laugh! This was joy to our ears, the first time he did the ol’ giggle Justin and I looked at eachother in amazement! ha. We just couldn’t believe [...]

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