4 Months of Joy!

I’ve been pretty bad at updating this thing. My apologies!  We have had such a great few months with our little chunky boy.

Things Sawyer can do now:

Laugh! This was joy to our ears, the first time he did the ol’ giggle Justin and I looked at eachother in amazement! ha. We just couldn’t believe it! I mean it’s just a laugh..not a big deal but when its your kid its A-mazing!

Sawyer’s First giggle

Sawyer’s Second giggle

Sleep! He is still sleeping through the night.  Praise the Lord! But I like to still sneak him in our room to take morning naps :)


Reach! He grabs for anything and everything!


Talk! He tries so hard to communicate but all that comes out are the awesome “coos” and “muuuhs”.

I’m telling you the boy sings..it’s the truth! I’m driving down the road listening to a song and I hear coming from the backseat..”mmmm mmm mmm” or “uhh uhhhhhhh”.  The only reason why I think he sings is because he holds these noises longer than normal, like he’s trying to hold a note. haha. When I hear him I ask him, “are you singing buddy?” and he completely stops and then starts up again a few minutes later but only if I’m quiet.  It’s SUPER funny. :)

Little Adventures:

We went to Fort Lauderdale to visit our very good friends Britni & Travis Webster.  The weekend consisted of the Las Olas Farmers Market in the rain, bike riding in the rain, feeding massive Tarpon the size of massive Tarpon, devouring the most amazing clam chowder ever, good food by Britni, wine, good conversation and laughter with one of my best.  We had such a good time! We can’t wait until they move back in September! yahooo!!







Sawyer stayed with MiMi for the first time while Justin and I went on our first date alone.  He did such a great job with her and her with him! :) Justin and I went to the Dashboard confessional concert to enjoy the wonderful songs that brought us together 8 years ago! We had such a great time together singing, laughing and reminiscing! I love my man!

He loves to go to parks and lay on a blanket in the grass.  He LOVES being outside.


He met the Easter Bunny with his cousins!

Scan 1

Sawyer is kind of social butterfly, he has gone to 6 baby showers with me.  He is such a good baby! Congrats To Lauren, she is welcoming her little boy in May!


We took a trip to see my dear friend Kate and her cutie patootie son, Hendrix in Satellite beach.  We went to a park where Kate and Melissa’s kids swang in the swings while Sawyer was wishing he could do it too! One day not too far away he will have a competition on who will swing higher and I will be crapping my pants. ha..love him being a baby, he will be older for so much longer!  Trying to take it all in.


My friends Mary Hannah and Rachel both had their sweet baby girls, Adelaide & Georgia.  They are both so beautiful! Sawyer will meet both of them this week..the hospital where they were born didn’t allow outside babies to be on the maternity floor so Sawyer has to wait to meet his friends a few more days. :)


Sawyer attended his first 80s birthday party for our good friend, Becca Hill. We all had such a good time, I dressed as a glam rock girl, Justin was Michael Jay Fox and Sawyer was a jazzercise man. Hilarious.

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